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Sandalwood's Uppi or Upendra as he was named at birth holds the coveted title of "Real Star". His Facebook page says: He is the real star of the Kannada film industry. Upendra is also known as the most competent creative director who has set his own trend in directing films. His name spells energy, intelligence and also a huge level of passion to reach out people with fresh ideas and novel concepts. As a writer he has achieved distinction by writing anything that is simple, but yet effective to make a big impact.

Real or not, you decide. But the man is Real!


Since Puneeth and Shiva Rajkumar had stopped producing hits in the last couple of years, there was no real star who could replace the void that was created in sandalwood. Thankfully, along came Real star Uppi, who produced hits like Om and Tharle nan maga. Jai Karnataka!
Added 2012-02-16 by sykil