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As opposed to *what*, exactly?!

Curious term, much (ab)used by certain desis who like to give gyaan, explain fundas or make sweeping generalisations that bear little relation to reality. Most heard on college campuses, in bars and pubs and at parties i.e. any venue that involves that some tanni/yenne, a captive audience and the opportunity to liberally hand out advice, get on a soapbox or pontificate about life's lessons, banal as they might be.

Most favouritest usage (by all and sundry): What's your problem in life?


Surdie: See, in life, one must learn to adjust.
Birdie (quizzical, muttering to himself): And in death???

Kelvin: Why does Ranga wear a poncho, hide under a sombrero, make dishoom dishoom noises and drink tequila shots???
Celsius: Dude, his dream was to be in a Western....but he had to settle for Tollywood. In life, one manages....

Kitty party veteran: Oh darling, what is all this work shurrk....your funda in life should be to please your husband....
PhD from CalTech, dragged to kitty party by sister in law: "Ummmm....and presumably, he should resign his chairmanship immediately because *his* funda **in life** should be to please me too? Or will he get around to it once I'm safely six feet under?
Kitty party veteran (to herself): Hmmmph. No wonder her solitaries are so tiny and she's wearing a *shudder* Titan watch. Clearly not doing enough for her dear hubbie in life.....

Added 2011-09-08 by Malaprop




All India

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sofasadhu, sofa sadhu
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I believe. A fitting culmination to some pseudo shocking revelation by aunties & porrkis. Both of whom have no other kaam-dhanda.


Lata aunty: aye Kamala, yen gotha? That Chandravatis husband is there no? Shivashankarappa? Hes not happy with her I blivv!!
Kamala: Ayyo, why, what happened suddenly?? Nice only she is no????
Lata: No idea. I wanted to use 'i blivv' in the sentence so some-something I said off.
Added 2011-07-07 by poori





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