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Get lost. Take a hike. Shove off. Shortened version of the phrase "go jump into a well". Of course, it stands to reason that after taking the plunge, one's life expectancy won't be all that great. So it's not a chaddi buddy thing.

Rarely used lightly, even among friends. Not particularly offensive though. Just abrupt and to the point. Best employed when you've had enough of someone doing full bheja fry with your head, and you want to tell them to shove their incessant bakar-bakar into their choice of bodily orifice. Not any of yours, of course. Theirs.


Mahesh : "See see if you introduce me to Pavithra, I'll buy you lunch for one month, I'll give proxy for you in class, I'll shine your shoes, I'll come pick you up and drop you, I'll do yanything for you. Please please please please you hau to introduce me to her da. She's my true doorling. Please please please I'll do yanything you want.... "

Mallikarjun : She's my SISTER I say! Go jump!

Added 2011-07-10 by Surdie Birdie





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