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Applying one's lips to a glass or applying one's teeth/ saliva to meat pups and the like is called "germing".

This is a rather unsophisticated English translation of a concept very strongly followed in most parts of India. Germing attempts to translate the concepts of "yecchal" in Tamil and "jhoota" in Hindi.

Kids that believe in this miss out on all sorts of exciting shared food in school but, for those of us who didn't believe in it (unless the one attempting to bite into your pup was a maggot infested rowdy), it was a very useful thing. Simply touching the tip of your tongue to that moist chocolate cake would render it unsharable by many. Yay, more food for me!


11 year old boy from Lawrence School lovedale- Have you germed your glass?
Venky- What?
youngen- Have you germed it, man? Drunk from it.
Venky- Kid, Don't touch my milk shake!
Added 2011-07-25 by Rowdy Rangamma