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Phrase. February 22, 2013, Word of the Day


Religious rituals limited to the family unit; coming of age events such as mundan, which are generally not celebrated on a large scale.


"I have applied for casual leave for a family function."
Added 2011-09-23 by oldathai




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Function, Mundan

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A person who you had to become friends with because your parents were friends and both of you were around the same age.
It can also refer to a friend who you are too embarrassed to admit is actually your friend.


Tashi - Hahaha, look at Birju, chee!, he did number one in his jeans-pants only!!
You - Yaar, don't make fun of Birju na, he is my family friend ok.

Kamala - Hey, who was that fat fellow you were playing ice-spices with yesterday?
Nancy - That fellow? just a family friend ya!

Added 2011-08-16 by Mildly Racist