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Smart people who are not great at academics, formal studies or examinations don't stand a good chance of getting a string of alphabets behind their names - like BSc, MBBS, MBA, BTech etc, easily.

Such people have to resort to payment for degree route and enroll in DONATION COLLEGES. This can be because they are not academically competitive or because they want admission at a particular location and did not otherwise qualify (close to their hometown, or same college where their girl friend or boy friend is studying)

They use various arguments and persuasion to win over their parents to part with and donate some large amount of money to the college in exchange for a seat in the college.

Depending on circumstances, some of this money can be recovered in the marraige market through a shrewd dowry deal.


Vimladevi telling her friend Sarlakumari about Sukumar.

"He did not get admission anywhere and may have to find some donation college seat to join. Even those are almost full."

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