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Of all the putrid, simpering, illiterate, repugnant, chapparkottay things you could EVER address me as, this one's got to be the WORST! And as if verbal callment were not enough, you'll send off EMAILS also addressing me thus. Not saying: 'Dear Mrs. Dumbledore, Apropos to...' as you mustinshould, but just


Apropos avar sogasaada meeting in the Swagath Hotel esterday, I have khum to the kanthrified khunkloosion that... blah blah blah'.

Its naat good etaal, nann makkalra, naat good etaal. First of all I break out in hives. Then my thale goes blank. When i come to, you peoples will tell me that itsimms I have committed mass murder. Either that, or i die on the spot. Why you want all this problems i say? Jest dont say thett word to me no!


College Classroom scene:

Malli Poo Mary: *jumping up & down to get Nagaraj sir's attention* I know sir, i know!!
Nogaraj Sir: Meri, what you know?? Just I asked the canteen baay if uddin vadas are wover. Why you are jumping uppend down like one rhesus kothi?
Malli Poo Mary: *hides face in elllo dupatta with aarenj stripes & gold & silver tassles*
Madhu, Libby, Reena, Aarti, Sarah, Poori & othersuch sariyilla parties: kheekheekheekhee! Whatta kadde she got. Kheekheekheekhee
Malli Poo, from under dupatta: Diyars??? Can you please lower the sound from yuvar side? I cannot attend to Nogaraj Sir's letcher.
Poori: *immediately does vanthi, breaks out in hives & collapses on floor*
Sariyilla parties: just carry her away qyukkly from this Malli Poo area, shell be aalrite.
Malli Poo Mary: *full concern* moo eway, moo eway, giwe her air!! *to me* "Orr you feeling better dear??"
Poori: Expires on the spot.
Nagaraj Sir: *eating uddin vada kar-mur-kar-mur* Meri, why you said 'dear' to her? Itiss premeditated i think so. Now go jumping like thettonly to politation, whats for me!

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Dearness Allowance is payment given to employees to compensate for the effects of inflation.


my dearness allowance has reduced by 10 percent and inflation has gone up by twenty percent!
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