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Literally, 'go drown in a hand full of water'. It is a phrase which has to be used in total disgust towards the receiver of the said dialogues. When someone says something really stupid or does something really shameful you deliver this punchline.


Prakash - Hey man I love watching Indian tv! So awesome it is, so creative the tv people are! So intelligent the News shows are with all their breaking news, so creative the dramas on tv are and the comedy shows!!! Man don't even get me started!! I laugh till i spill my Old Monk rum!

Paneerselvam - Go chullu bhar paani mein doob ja.

Added 2011-10-23 by Mildly Racist




North India
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Celebrations! aha! Celebrations! Slang for booze.
It is actually McDonald's XXX RUM
That's what the great women and men of mostly communist-God's own Country Kerala call it!
Bring it on! or should we say Send it


Life is only one. Life is a Celebrations.
If you stray away, reset course. Of course, with Celebrations.
Added 2011-08-14 by I love Dtool






Food and Drink

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