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Yes, Anjali & Eshwari are very pretty Indian names indeed. Girls who bear these names must surely have sharp features, kohl-lined eyes, long braided hair, Goddess-like figures & congenial natures. They probably nip in to the temple everyday on their way back from college, fast on 16 consecutive Mondays in order to receive good husbands, get alliances from world famous Neuro-Surgeons or Software injineers & settle down to blissful lives ever after.

Aal that is wokay.

But Anjali & Eshwari have another very useful purpose in the life of exaggerating school-girls. Suffix either of them to an adjective of your choice, taking care to stretch out their first syllables ('a' and 'e') as much as your common-sense permits.

See, like this:

Krodheeeeeeeeeshwari! (to describe the thaandava of an angry ladice)
*in teasing tone* Aaaha, Sundareeeeeeshwari! (when your tom-boy friend has taken extreme pains to dress up for the school carnival & actually ends up looking nice)
Aye, bookkaanjali! Come & play kho kho ya! (in addressing a friend who's nose is always in a book)
Ayyo, that Kumbhakarneeeeeshwari! Wake her up ya, its her wedding day today! (throw this at the one who can sleep for 12 hours at a stretch)
She's one cheateshwari (if shes a proven 'cheater')
Guggaaanjali (a guggu deserves to hear this)
Thuh gubeshwari!
Muggaaaaaaaanjali! (a mugpot)

The samosaness of the whole thing hits you like a cock ball on the thale & Ill write it on bond paper and give, youll start using Anjali & Eshwari left right and centre!

If you now feel an unbearable desire in your heart to start attaching it to VERBS also...please do. The meaninglessness of the resultant word will have you doing paltis & clapping your hands with joy:

''Ive finished doing checkaanjali for this sum, take and copy now quickly''
''ill give you one kickeshawari if you use badbad words in front of elders''
*to noisy younger brother & his friends* ''can you khindly do shuttaanjali? Im trying to study for my final eggjam here.''

Khamaan fraands, now attach Anjali & Eshwari to your favourite words on the samosite & hawe it the fun! dau, lau, porki, paavum, dabba, chappar...aaha! Possibilities are endless I say!


Anjali & Eshwari, I lau to you both too much ya.
Added 2011-08-08 by poori