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Bravo!, Encore!, Fabulous!


Emperor Shahjahan, gazes longingly at the Taj Mahal.

"Wah! Taj!"

Shaiju, gazing at his yezdi.

"Wah! My baby!"

Added 2011-09-23 by GoodCumbany




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Phrase used to end a discussion. It encompasses the act of voluntarily giving in to the acceptance of the opposing debater for a discussion that has not been concluded so far.
It is like saying "Ok, you're right" and depending on your voice modulation, it can even be given a hint of "SO NOT TRUE!".
Caution: In some cases it might be agreeing to disagreeing and moving on.


Used to move on to a new discussion by effectively killing the current discussion. Also preceded by "Chalo ji", making the complete line "Chalo ji, wah wah hai" that respectfully tells the offensive debater to shut up as the topic is about to get changed.
Added 2011-09-17 by punjabiputtar
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Noun. May 4, 2012, Word of the Day


Probably Nepal's biggest export to India after, well, Nepalis. Freez dried noodles which can be eaten straight out of the bag or by cooking it. Delicious as hell.


Paneerselvam - Dude, do you remember how hard it was to get wai wai in Delhi, like five years back?
Tenzing - I know!! And now look at the amount of momos people now eat here man dayum!
Paneerselvam - Lol! Like i always tell you too many of you chini-japani in Delhi now!
Tenzing - Bloddy basket, you are not from Delhi either! you are a bleddy madrasi!
Added 2011-09-06 by Mildly Racist