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Etymology: Atma is a person. He is a cult figure in Hostel AH-7 a.k.a Aryabhatta at BITS Goa. His Tamil brethren prefer to shout out his name from wherever they are, allowing the walls to transmit the call for him - "Atma" (shouted out)

In its current form, it is used as a call for fraternal bonding in the hostel, and one call in any corner is echoed by not less than 2 other persons. The ritualistic shouting may last for a full 5 minutes, unless otherwise truncated by the person concerned (Atma himself). Care must be taken that quorum of 60% is present before the ritual begins. If this precaution is not followed, another of AH7 cult announcements - Ayyopittam (a harsh high pitched squeal) is shouted in repeated succession to drown the former.


To be shouted out loud. Must be initiated in a fairly open area.
The long drawn call responded by not less than 2 persons. It can be propagated by anyone else.
inspired by wolves.
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