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Abbreviation. October 29, 2011, Word of the Day


Talking Tokyo, Looking London: TTLL is a person with a squint or another ophthalmological condition which makes them appear to be looking at the light bulb while actually they are looking at you and talking to you. If you want to make them appear looking at you, ask them to look at the footwear in the verandah. On the other hand it is you who is mean and incapable of hiding your cheap laugh who will look elsewhere as if you are TTLL to avoid the self embarrassment of embarrassing a nice person with just a ophthalmological condition unlike your psychiatric one.


Shambu: What Seenu, I thought Meenakshi was scolding Thambu all along until she finished the half hour of sahasra-namas ( 1000 name-calling ) and I realized at the end that she was actually scolding me and that she was TTLL.
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