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Indian street-lore is intriguingly a gigantic living organism, often raised to the levels of scriptures in its grip over people's behavior, functioning(functioning does not always mean effective but sometimes does), constantly evolving, and as a source of humor, it leaves no area of existence untouched.

The street-lore has it that onion is an aphrodisiac. Good for the under-performing. Not advisable for those with limited recourse to take its benefits to a logical redemption.

It is also considered a great antacid, anti-emetic(controls nausea in bevda the drunk, that is, if fed raw; feed because the bevda can't eat it himself, he is a child all over again, do you see?), a non which means a strict no-no fro an orthodox Brahmin, never ever used on most religious occasions.

It is treated as heat or cold depending on the individual, season, and condition(cooked or raw) it is being used in. The street-lore rules are so democratic(free for all) you can do whatever with it and justify the act as beneficial, and I give a personal guarantee that the street-lore is behind you.

After all,doesn't street-lore exist for the very purpose of providing justification for every normal and every not-at-all-normal thing I and you do and want to think that we are happy doing?


The Onion is like Samosapedia. Or, let's say, Samosapedia is like the onion. it is pungent and stinking, uplifting and gross, engaging and boring, unending and fleeting(that is if you explore iy layer by layer.)

The onion considered by many an Indian as a vegetable, I donno why it is not, is also calle: pyaz(Hin), EeruLLi, ULLagaddi, NeeruLLi(Kan, Kan, Kan), Vengayam(Tam).

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