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Rope haakadhu

\rope ha-ka-du\
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Being arrogant and speaking as if you are the boss, with no care of what you are trying to tell..


Bhudda uncle to taporis : Nodrappa illi, nam mane compond mele kutkond dum hodi bedi. Maneli vaisige bandiro hen makl idaare... nod doru enantaare...
(Please do not sit on my compound and smoke, I have got daughters who are yet to be married.. people see it in different way..)

One of the taporis : illa uncle, nav ille kutkond dum hodiyodu. enivaga??.. bekaadre il iri.. illandre bere kade hogi... ide nam adda.. HAHAHAHAHA

(Basically, the tapori refuses to budge).

Uncle's wife to uncle : enaitu?.. helidra aa mundemaklige?

(She asks if Uncle told that fellow).

uncle : helde...adre... aa bolimaklu ille kurtivi anta ROPE HAKTHARE.

(Uncle: told them, adre... that bolimaklu is sitting here and giving rope).

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