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Noun. April 14, 2012, Word of the Day


According to Einstein's Theory of Life And Its Communication Problems, if you say 'Condom Physsics' for the hallowed & near-religious 'QUANTUM PHYSICS', that means cent percent you are a Mallu.

Condom Physsics is a branch of science that deals with discrete, indivisible units of energy called quanta as described by the Condom Theory. Simbly dont shake your head left right and centre, I know you didnt understand enydhing.

Still you should steady Condom Physics, come I'll tell you why:

eyLy morning you step out of your house after having headbath & taking one chaya and parippuvada. You trot off to the Condom Physsics CoLLege (1) All the neighbour aunties come running out of their houses to break their knuckles & take out your drishti as you pass by. Neththing can techch you after that, neththing. Its my challenge, see if you want. (2) They form a qyoo outside your house with their daughter's biodatas to show yuar Amma for alliance. (3) They also carry one-one dabba of neyyappams for the express purpose of putting maska for her. (4) Amma is veri haapi.

You come home after a long tiring day of Condom Mechanics vivas & just waandu unwind, relax & do some light reading. You flip through Chomsky's 'Doctrines & Visions', but yuar amma will not leave you like thatandall... She sits down, (4) feeds you benana chips, (5) presses your feet & (6) shows you girls photos. (7) You spot Pradeepan's sister Pankajakshi's smiling photo in the bunch. You have crush on her since 3rd standard... Somehow your Amma immediately understands (she has very choop andenna) & strikes. (8) Says your horoscopes match perfectly (9) Plus they are also ready to give onenumber Mezhcedes car, 201 pavans gold & 15 Kitex lungis it simms.

Prabhu Deva is doing break-dance in yuar heart, but outwardly you behave like a cool & dignified Condom Physicist.

(10) You have grand marriage, (11) have genius children, (12) go to USA for research, & (13) because nobody understands what the hell youre talking about, you win the Nobel Prize.

Condom Physsics rocks!


Biju: I wandu do Condom Physsics next year
Deepak: Chee gande!! Pagal hai kya?? You wont get good-good alliances from girls if you do all these dirty activities!
Biju: au condraire, my boy, au condraire..
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