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Female tution teacher:Stays two blocks away from your sweet home.Met your mom in a beauty saloon.An arts graduate but an unemployable woman who devises a way(tution) to give a plausible cause for her solitary mundane existence in absence of her husband.So instead of taking an afternoon nap after reading her favorite magazine (meri saheli) she decides to offer tution for you at very nominal fees just to afford few cha-bras and prove to her husband that she is an independent woman.
She sits next to you, her thunder thighs touching your needle thighs but you are just an innocent scrawny kid to take an undue advantage of the proximity.
She only knows to give you homework and reads the chapters- which are not been taught at school yet.
She is definitely on the path of becoming a Reshma aunty and you are bound to like her then.But for now she is just a silly woman on contraceptive pills.

Male tution teacher :comming soon


Your mom:Beta tution teacher ka homework khatam karo!

You: :S

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