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Mysore Mallige literally means Jasmine of Mysore. Now used to refer to the Mysore Mallige Scandal in 2003 that involved the leaking of a home sex video made by a couple. The video was leaked on the internet and posted online with the screen name "Mysore Mallige." Calling someone 'Mallige' can now connote 'slut'


"Mangalore leads the pack in the sleaze game. It's believed that the clip that got the Karnataka ministers into trouble was called Fasila, and was a hit in Mangalore and neighbouring Kasargod two years ago. Six years ago, a seven-minute MMS sex clip was converted into a half-hour CD named Mangalooru Mungaru Male and sold widely. In 2000, before mobiles became the rage they are now, sex CDs flew off the shelves. The famous 40-minute clip, Mysore Mallige (known as MM CD) that featured a girl from Puttur, was sold for as much as Rs 1,000."
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