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In an effort to highlight the enterprising Guju spirt and to showcase the power of female entrepreneurship, our favorite half-sleeve wearing Feku mentioned Jasuben pizza. Jasuben pizza is a successful pizza chain in Gujarat that infuses Italian pizza with Guju elements.

The standard pizzas, priced at 50 rupees ($1), are made on bhakri (Gujarati flat bread) and topped with spicy homemade gravy, chopped tomatoes, capsicum and onions. Customers can also ask for a Jain version, without onions.

It takes its name from Jasuben, a woman who moved from her native Pune to Ahmedabad after she got married. She opened her eponymous pizza take away in 1975.


"Now the media will think Jasuben is like Kalawati, and search for her, so let me tell you she died in Pune five years ago." - Namo
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