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A not-so-well-known Hyderabadi expression to denote a specific type of Telugu populace (not necessary uncle/aunty age, always). A typical specimen of such populace would display 4 or more of the following characteristics:

1. Prolific gold wearing. For e.g. as far as male specimens go, in addition to the standard gold chain, he may also resolve to adorn himself with one/two rings (in addition to the wedding band, of course), a strip of gold on the wrist (somewhat like a bracelet but more substantial) and a golden watch. Sometimes, golden belt buckle also you can see as also a keychain dangling from the belt-loop. That is also golden only.
2. Inexplicable wariness re the Old City/ older parts of Hyderabad and general impression that it is a lawless basti where psychopaths, dacoits, arsonists, rapists, assassins, KDs and such anti-social elements freely abound and practice their skills. However, this wariness is not always mentioned vocally but is subtly expressed.
3. Has an unhealthy fondness for visiting the Prasads multiplex, Lumbini Park, NTR Gardens irrespective that the same are now almost chambu.
4. Inadvertently butchers Dakhani lingo and Hindi by placing/misplacing consonants, vowels, ostensibly owing to the hangover of the somewhat softer linguistics of the Telugu language. Also, finds it extremely difficult to pronounce words with strong/prominent vocalizations. Eg: the epiglottal ‘Kh’ as in Khan becomes 'Kaan', 'Thehro' becomes "Tairo" , etc.
5. Is usually not Hyderabad born-raised but an import from the 22 other districts of Andhra Pradesh. Probably explains characteristics 2-4 above.
6. On account of 5, one of the worst BTMs and male versions thereof you will encounter: you would be forgiven for assuming that they are from Milan/Paris and from Swiss finishing schools such is their fashion acumen and social grace/ airs. Irrespective of sex, style icons for the new gen are the versatile Tollwood actors Cherry and/or Bunny and vociferous defenders of these icons of haute couture they can be.
7. Use of any of the following terms more than 3 times in a conversation over 3 minutes: keka, abba, cha!, antha scene emi ledu, Pedda Pudding, light theesko, can’t able to, shoor, adi matter, mass, nee bondha, clarity, Nee Moham, etc
8. The male of this species is also known to go into a frenzy when he sees the midriff of the female species, salivating even at times when the navel is seen. The woman of this species abhors the male of these species for their gold fixation, navel gazing and moustaches and publicly proclaim that all Telgudian men are ugly.


Saleem: Chal bhai biryani khake aainge shehar ku jaake.
Mallesh: Main nai aate. Tum jao. Merku kaam rehte.
Later thinking: Mai gaye to mere gold le lete Old City mein.
(Saleem: Let us go to the Old City for biryani.
Mallesh: You go. I have work.
Mallesh later thinking: If I go, I will get robbed of all the gold I am wearing)
Salma: Chal na re. GVK Mall mein Tommy Hilfiger, Aldo aur Mango main sale hai kate. Thoda dekh ke shopping karke aainge. Uske baad ek beer peeinge Hard Rock mein.
Lakshmi: Chee. Tairo ji. Apan Prasadz ku jaainge: waan pe Langoors, Tata, Bata sab rehte. Shopping ke baad bazu Bawarchi ki Irani Biriyani kake aainge.

(Salma: Hey girl. Heard that there is a sale going on at the Tommy Hilfiger, Aldo and Mango stores at the GVK mall. Lets go? We can go to Hard Rock after for a beer.
Lakshmi: Why to go there? We can get world class brands like Langoors, Tata and Bata at Prasadz. We can also eat off at Bawarchi Biryani Irani Hotel next to Prasadz)

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