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Originally Hindi.
Roughly 'that' or 'to' when used in between English sentences.
Always popular and loved by the aam admi but made more so by Sri MSD.


Sri Ravi Shastri - So MSD, what a match, cometh the hour cometh the man! what an innings! So what advice did you give to the little master when he came out to bat?

Mahinder Singh Dhoni - Well, I thought we played well as a unit and the batsmen did their job and the bowlers were able to do their job also as we won the toss, we decided as a unit ki we should field first looking as the conditions and that we would be able to exploit the conditions and seeing our batting strength we thought ki we will be better of chasing and the dew factor also will come into play as the evening comes and the lights are switched on so we thought ki we should be positive and also respect the conditions as we want to win the game as we think ki every match is important for us and we would like to end the series on a winning note even though the tournament is over but we will take a lot of positives from the game as well as recognize ki as a fielding unit we have to perform better in the future and hold on to catches and avoid any mis-fieldings.

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