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An interjection that broadly expresses disgust, but used with varying tones in different contexts. E.g., in a slanging match on the street it assumes a loud, aggressive tone. Young, coy brides and GFs could employ a flirtatious cloying tone in a befitting response to romantic/sexual overtures from men. Sometimes you utter a half amused one to dismiss someone trying to pull your leg. Sometimes it just means "ewwwwwww".


Petrol Thimma: Ay loaffffer!!!!! By tomorrow if I don't make your brother into an ingredient for your biryani, my name is also not Petrol Thimma!
Biryani Bashir: (Anger and aggression) Ay thoooo! This Naayi Maganay has no shame. Respectfully leave my shop or I will give you your funeral date.

Mangesha: Ley Shashirekha, I am feeling thirsty yaa.
Shashirekha (shy coming) : Ay thuh, go man, I know you're talking full double meaning.
Mangesha: (Feeling chesty and good about himself)

Shashirekha: Ay Latha you have a super structure ya, you should become a model.
Latha: Ay thuh go ya. Don't talk nonsense

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