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Adverb. March 26, 2013, Word of the Day


The mallu's way of doing things. I was 'simbly' making beef fry the other day. 'Simbly' he will be looking into my wife. All these college fellows are 'simbly' wasting time on the internet I say. And so on... It actually stands for 'like everybody else'... or 'without any particular intent'. Meant to convey the 'daily' and 'harmless' nature of the act, no matter how dangerous or insulting. I was 'simbly' looking at her boobs and her mother 'simbly' got angry it simms. Only a mallu can be so simble. Amen.


After college he 'simbly' went off to the gulfs.
Simbly at all don't start off a fight.
His daughter is 'simbly' coming first in class it simms.
The other day a policeman stop me and 'simbly' asking the time.

Added 2011-07-06 by Raju Ungil