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An Opariah Winfrey is a neologism invented by Samosapedians used to characterize an ignorant western celebrity who fetishizes superficial aspects of India (cast system, arranged marriage, Bollywood, snake charmers etc.) for a mass audience, making most Indians cringe in the process.

Origins of the phrase come from Oprah Winfrey's recent galumphing around India where she visits the Taj Mahal, spends time with Big B, stops by a slum and has dinner with an Indian family only to be surprised that "indians still eat with their hands." Many an Indian took umbrage at the footage from this "journey" of hers and its stereotypical and slightly patronizing take on India. Oparah became Opariah (see pariah for definition) overnight.

Oparah now joins the ranks of Ass-Ton Kutcher (see brownface). Perhaps if her network does not take off, she can become the face of popchips? She should have no problem doing an Indian accent after her recent trip.


Karma Gora1: India is beautiful. Its amazing. The smells, sounds, colors and people are so friendly. I would love to make a movie about this place some day.
Karma Gora2: Yeah but be careful, you don't want to become Opariah Winfrey
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