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So imagine you're in Kerala transacting business of some sort..selling a piece of land, perhaps, or getting your daughter admitted to Injineering College; opening a bank account or buying a sim card. Whatever the nature of your business, 99.99%, the authorities will ask for proof of something-or-the-other...birth certificate/ 10std marks card/ degree certificate/ residence proof (oh, please submit ration card for this? I *love* ration cards, they're simply the BEST!)/ death certificate/ surgery proof.. they can quite daringly ask for yanything & yavrything.

Don't let the inconvenience irritate you my dear co-brothers. You just koitly go to the nearest STD booth with your virginals, ask the chettan to place it upside-down in the large clunky machine squeezed somewhere in the corner, and out it comes through the other side:

The Searocks copy!!


Venu uncle: Suku! Sukuuuu!! Loak the door, I'm going to the shoap to buy beedis!
Sukumari aunty: Take one searocks coapy of your passport & go. They ask these days for beedi purchase .
Venu uncle: Aing!!!!
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