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Yugadi is the New Year's festival for people of the Deccan Region of India (Karnataka, Maharashtra, AP, Tamil Nadu & Kerala).

It's name comes from the Sanskrit words yuga ("age") + adi ("new"') ie "the beginning of a new age". It's that day of the year when people take a break and say no to work. They get together in welcoming spring. The day begins with everyone wearing new clothes and offering prayers at temples. Bevu Bella (a mix of neem leaves and flowers and jaggery) is prepared and everyone partakes of it - driving home the message that both joy (jaggery) and sorrow (bitter neem) should be taken in the right spirit.

Its a day of institutionalized loafing and TP


Markiv: Why are you wearing new clothes?
Arjun: Yugadi bugger
Markiv: Ah! new pinch!
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