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yes, no

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yes, no.
isn't it so.
common Indian habit of adding 'no' after yevry name, place, animal, thing - a -majig
pliss be to learn how to pronounce propahly.
yes is a statement, stress and pause, only then dare to ask the koschun doubtfully - no? As though an interrogative but in fact an assertive statement.
Such hidden joys in two tiny vards.
translating directly from Telugu peepul's = avunu kadaa
also translating from Tamizh peepul's = aama illayaa
similarly from Cow Belt cows = haan, nahin

a better form exists, a word so fine in its contradiction that there is balance!
yess-a no-a?
while yes, no is a reassuring assertive statement
yess-a no-a? is a full on koschun.
One way or the other decide. yes or no.


Pot-bellied-Producer: Charmi will be fine choice, take her.
Bald-headed-Writer: ess, no. I too think the same saar, take er
Pimple-faced-Director: yess-a no-a she is not telling only
Fit-fat-Fight Master: yess, no. Heroines are worrst than vamps.
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