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In the sprit of cloaking bitter invectives in playful rhyme, I present to you this old schoolyard classic. If you were, say, Pig Pen in India it is a certainty that you would've been plagued with the incessant chanting of Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow.

The phrase is applicable to perverts and soap dodgers alike, and gold diggers and keen aficionados of pocket billiards were not spared. At a certain age level, a simple conversation with a member of the opposite sex might draw moral judgement in this poetic form.

A crucial and noteworthy point is that in some inexplicable reversal of this logic, anyone wearing any article on their personage that betrayed a primary hue of yellow received the same treatment regardless of whether they were engaged in nefarious activities or not, or bathed and powdered and smelling like mallipoo or not.


Ramu: What man? Why absent all these days?
Shomu: Got jaundice da! Damn bad...
Ramu (snickering): "Yellow yellow dirty fellow!"
Shomu: (belts him one)
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