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-Another way of saying 'Ex' for Ex-wife, Ex-girl/boy friend; X-ing is becoming commonplace in the Desi cultures really fast now a days.

-Unknown entity as in XYZ.

-X rated BF movie with about a third of seX compared to that in 'XXX' .

-Hey, there should have been 'X' and 'XX' Khodays and Old Monk RUM in addition to 'XXX' kind.


Pandu's father had a mistress. Even Pandu's mother knew of it and about the little house her husband kept, the chinna veedu

But Pandu is not a gandu. How can he be any less than the old man?
Unfortunate, he got caught red-handed!
He came clear. Honest. Cried for 3 days and 4 nights.
Promised total devotion and fidelity to the wife.

He admitted to having had just one 'X'.
Begged forgiveness and got it.
So, romantically he started calling his wife Mamta 'Y'.
'X' is no more you see!
Nowadays, Mamta is scared of the prospect of a 'Z'.

Bechari, she is totally oblivious to letters 'A' through 'W'!.
Pandu, not worried, meanwhile has decided to use numerals after he runs out of the alphabet.

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