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A transliteration of "kiska baap ka kya jaara" or a variation on "nee abba di emaina pothunda?". Translates to "what have you/we/I got to lose?" or "I/you/we have nothing to lose". Usually used when one is doing something with nothing to lose.


Karan : "What re baap ... 2 kms from HITEC cityso much open land? How re baap?"
Arjun: "Arre this is full litigated land re bai. Some society versus villagers case is going on on this side. "
Karan : "And what about this other side re?"
Arjun : "aah that aa ... that some fuckers bought, then sold to each other some ten twenty times. then they all claimed to own it. the some other fuckers came and whose father what goes karke they also put off cases. now full-on marham pitti is going on only baap. why re, you want to buy a?"
Karan: "What re, I look like some haula re bulle?"
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