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Kerala Benana Chips. This is the authentic thattukada chettan's method. Lettuce make it for tea-time today my dears..

2 raw green bananas
1 tbsp of rock salt dissolved in roughly a cup of water. Taste & adjust the salt this way or that. And,
Coconut oil. Or whichever oil you use to fry stuff at home. Its totally yawish, but the only oil I would avoid using is olive oil. Ive never tried it for upperi and I dont see it working.

Method: Heat the oil. Now hold a slicer above the oil & thinly slice the bananas directly into it. If this proves difficult, slice it onto a plate & then slide the banana rounds into the hot oil. When they are fried to a beautiful golden colour, pour some of the salt solution into the oil & swish around with a slotted spoon to coat evenly. There will be a slight khalbali as the water hits the oil, but its okay. Netthing to take tension over. Think of it like your Amma; when Amma is angry, she will hiss & splutter & act like a Lakshmi bomb about to explode, no? But if you watch her expressionlessly for a few seconds & just let her vent, she'll turn into a calm & placid lake in no time at all & start cooking Alleppey fish curry for you as if nothing happened.

Okay, back to the upperis; once they are fried & salted, scoop them out with the slotted spoon & spread on a tissue-lined plate. Dont have tissues minns use newspaper, we are very flexi like that.

Eat it hot hot as you watch the latest Mohanlal padam. Scrunch mannerlessly with a loud karr-murr-karr-murr sound, ketto? Dialogues and all should be fully drowned.

Oh, and one steel glass of chaya also you please sip.


Girls father: Malayali-Punjaabi maaraje. Aaha, so much vi aar haapi, Dullard-ji. Itees ideal exxaamble of National Indegration! Vi dond haav dowry-system and oll, but still i must ask for you haav eny 'demands'?
Daler Mehndi: Oh haanji Menonji! My pyeerents & me have ek hi demande ji..tiruckk bharke Keral ke upperi leke aaNa aap! Loki khushi naal pagal jaangey ji aur saadi izzat vad jaaogee! (just bring a truck-full of upperi, Menon ji. The guests will become mad with joy & we will be feeling varry proud ji)

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