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Upper storey(meaning brains here) is missing

Often used as a reference to high-profile giggly women who bother about nothing more than the latest diet-chart, the latest lame joke, the next bitching target and some such trash.
They are also known as 'air-force' girls because as per the guidelines, buildings near an air-force base cannot have more than one storey. They cannot construct it even if they want to. Basically, there is no scope for improvement-'inke upar ka majla ban hi nahi sakta'!


Dumb woman in office(5'3", weighing close to 69.5 kilos) : Yaar, I just met my friend from school and she said that I look like a tub of chocolate!

Another dumb (but sexy) office woman : No yaa, you look kinda cute

The earlier dumb woman : You know what, I'm on this new diet, they say I can lose 8 kilos in 1 month flat..

One hard-working man across the cubicle (shakes head from side to side) : Inka upar ka majla ich nahi hai re...

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