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"Chaar boondhon wala -aha !!"

So goes the song and along with it the whiteness of the school uniform. In what is arguably the greatest advertising coup ever, mothers throughout the length and breadth of India in the 90s were convinced that washing their kids' white uniform with blue ink will make the clothes look even whiter. Many a school going kid has endured insufferable misery from their class teacher as a result of this miracle fabric 'whitener' that made everybody look like the peon's son.


Mother : Ayyo Rama, all the time rolling in the mud ! See how badly you have soiled your shirt. Now, I have use lot of Ujala to make it white again.

Son : Mummy, use Surf Excel or Ariel mummy. Pleeaaasee Mummy. They are white in colour so if you use them my shirt will be white again. If you use Ujala, it'll become blue like all my other shirts.

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