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Usually refers to a woman representing the ideal catch for the contemporary Indian male. Ahh the good fortune of finding Seethalakshmi (alias Lexi)! She speaks the vernacular, she toasts the coconut before putting it in the keerai kootu, touches periamma's feet at all family functions, and knows how to sport a 9-yard in the 40*C swelter of Chennai. But in the privacy of youthful company she knocks back the Old Monk Rum and Thumbs Up as she explains how Kegels enhance the female orgasm. Woof!


Kumar: I say, that Bhagyavati looks quite the paavum type, why is a US return like you trying to put kai there?
Suneel: Pressure machaan, what to do?. So truce with the folks, traditional with modern outlook!
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Stud for President!

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Its pretty astounding that this remains the most popular word:)

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Basically means the girl is traditional, maybe perhaps hairy at the wrong places but can speak understandable English and is employed in a middle-rung job in a multi-national with hardly any prospects of making it big.


(At a boy girl meet for marriage)Bride's Mother: O ji, our daughter is traditional with modern outlook ji. She does all the pooja-path and house chores. She's done her BA from Kamala Nehru collage and is now working as assistant librarian in Delhi Public Library/Reliance showroom.
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