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Tom's Fri

\Toom's Fry\
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Tom's fry, lit. Tomorrow's Friday.
Common usage: to express delight over the impending weekend (impending because of the usage) Used mainly by lazy dalhi boys and lazy dalhi girls who abbreviate everything including their names. Re: bahubali= boob and grishneshwar= grishy.


Boob: shitz yaaar. I want to party yaar. But yaar... Yeh weekend aata hi nahin hai! BT (bad trip) na ho jaaye.

Grishy: arrey chillz yaar.. You know what tomorrow is?

Boob: What???

Grishy: Tom's Fri yaaaaaar!!!!

Boob: Omg! LOLZ! CBI !!!!! (Cant believe it)

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