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The customary signing-off phrase pair on 99.99% of all correspondence on mainland India. This unconditional declaration of undeterring gratitude and blind faith towards every reciepient -including but not limited to -school principal, Zila parishad officer, Grandfather, class teacher, college sweetheart, paramour, represents the true Indian values of trust,devotion and gratuitousness. The correlation between the content of the letter and the said phrases are infinitesimally insignificant. Vigorously taught at school-level, any letter not ending in this manner is frown-worthy, bordering on sacrilege


Respected Sir,

Stray dogs in my mohalla have turned into a giant nuisance. I strongly urge you to do the needful, otherwise be prepared to face drastic consequences.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Mr. Ram

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