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Software engineer working in ubiquitous MNC. General all-round computer geek. Often mousy-looking and thin as a rail, but with a desire to code and impress the boss/firang customer that borders on the fanatical.

Male version can be identified by the dress code they adhere to - full sleeves shirt with some kind of brown check pattern, light blue jeans-pants and oversized Nike shoes. Female version unfailingly found in badly-stitched salwar kameez (always with dupatta), with look of unmistakeable meekness and piousness.

Hard workers, and although otherwise smart, asking for perfectly reasonable 'overtime pay' is equivalent to blasphemy in their minds.

US based customers love them because they never complain everytime more work is dumped on them two hours before the deadline (unlike in some other countries, where the customer would be told to "go jump", or equivalent). Known to work their weekends to coronaries and nervous breakdowns without so much as an extra rupee to show for it. Sad but true.

Facts About Techies -

Dream Job : working in any role possible, most of the time for peanuts, but working in "the abroad"/US/UK/Australia. Peanuts become coconuts once they move back to India, thanks to exchange rates.

Place of Worship, to be visited at least three times for successful showing-off to other techies back home : the US

Mission/Vision/Motto of the true techie : I must never, ever get bad words from my firang customer, even if I'm dying in a road accident. " AAAAAAA!!!! that jeep drove over my leg!!! But. Must. Go. Office. Finish. Code!!!!!!!!" *Gawsp*

Greatest Fear : Never getting onsite role. (Which is equivalent to social suicide in the world of techies)

TIP : Don't offend any techie by letting on that you are more intelligent than him. Especially if you are a non-science graduate. He will never forget it. He will never forgive you.


Murthy: "Ra, my laptop stopped working again"
Amar : "You give me da, I'll show to my brother. He's one full enthu techie. Always he repairs our PC at home."

Question : What do you call an employee who stays beyond normal working hours in an MNC office, just to enjoy the A/C and the free internet? (While also making full impression on boss, who thinks the employee is working very hard?)
Answer : Techie!

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