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The wheel that runs things.
If you are not plugged into the systum, then forget about getting that mining lease, or ticket to run for elections or that illusive building permit or NOC or meeting top ministers, asking for favors or giving favors, getting things for cheaper than others, getting cheap daaru from the cantt or giving bribes or taking bribes. Running NGOs, selling property, buying property, managing black money and other such sundry things.

In India their are two kinds of people, one who is part of the system and the other who is not. The people in the systum run things, while people outside are either oblivious or trying to get into the systum. Fighting is futile, as those who fight become part of the systum.


Industrialist - Sir ji, please have that forest officer transferred, he is hindering my logging industry by asking for permits and what not. I even sent him five peti and that betichod threatened to arrest me!

Neta ji - It's ok, ladka naya hai, systum nahi samajhta.

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