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Hey, you know folk-lore and more. They usually are a great indicators of a possible solution to many situations and problems.
Indian traditions of medicine, sexology, diet, superstitious conduct, political troubleshooting, planetary positions; all have the help of the foot-soldier called streetlore, or street-lore.

Streetlore is an amalgam of all streams of knowledge that come to you wherever you are, even if mobile networks do not reach you, even if you shun all public contact, television and internet.

It's not surprising that revolutions, Bhakti-movements, Sufism, miracles, have all been ignited by streetlore in India.

At individuals' levels, incurable diseases have been cured, peace of mind achieved, lotteries won, and love life settled.


Streetlore is most commonly in spoken language.
And then, it is most often picked up from posters and graffiti in public toilets.
The fistula you suffer from is being loudly discussed in the next table in the bar, while you are talking about the best methods of suicide of which more than anyone of your friends at the table, the waiter serving you is interested in.

Street lore has answers to all questions, even when every religion, science, philosophy and shastras have none.

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