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St. Joseph's Boys High School, Bangalore was founded in 1858 to offer a "liberal" education for the boys of European and Dingo families. After India's independence, admission was extended in the 1950s and 1960s to include all students, irrespective of race, religion or caste.

Character building place for several Bangaloreans who have passed through the hallowed gates of this institution. Students are called Josephites; Josephite's emerge from this school in one of two states: extreme zealotry and enthuness for the institution or extreme rancor and venom for being subjected to routine corporal punishment and Catholic indoctrination.

Home to such a rich cast of inimitable personalities (such as Doctor David Chaterjee) that even the most imaginative writers could not have dreamed them up.


Josephite's are dynamites, dynamites!
Added 2011-06-29 by Dishoom Dishoom

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That term which can get you beaten up, or get you bought a drink, depending on the circumstances. It's actually two schools in Bangalore, so being an alumnus of St. Joseph's Boys' (or European) High School needn't mean that boys from St. Joseph's Indian High School won't take a shy at you. But, in public school terms, it means that your mortal enemies are Germainites, Cottonians and Baldwinians. But, if you're a Josephite, you belong to India's oldest (and, some say largest), alumni association. Land up on the first Saturday of September, and you can have breakfast (eggs, sausages and bread, like in the pre-Independence days), biriyani and lots of beer. While watching the present students getting thulped at whatever sport they play against past students. As they say "What child? You want to play with bleddgy Ranji Trophy players and Olympians? Bledggy mad you must be!" Known for turning noses up at all girls' schools except Sophia's - across town, as opposed to Bishop Cotton's and Sacred Heart's, which are right next door on Residency Road.


Bledggy, coming from St. Joseph's, putting line on Francis Xavier girls, eh? Go to Sophia's, you dirty bugger; otherwise, full Germain's will come and thulp you shitless!
Added 2011-09-02 by VD
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