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Im feeling shy. Much more it izz effective when prefaced either with 'ayyo' or 'ushoo' Accompanied by mock bleshhing and/or hiding of face in the palms of your hands. If it is said by rowdy rangamma convent school girls, you can be sure that they are miyarly doing full drama. Uthervise you can assume that riyally it is coming & they are saying shy is coming to mask the fact.


Payal: wow, you sing so well!
Divya: ontopofthat you orr looking so fair and lovely these days!
Payal: very soon Kishore will put praposal far you, see if you want!
Kavitha: ushoo, shy is coming!
Vidu: *gritting teeth & whispering loudly* aye yoozeless goose!! They want your Physics notes ya, thats why so much maska polish theyre saarsing!
Kavitha: but i gotted 4 on 100, why theyll want MY notes??
Vidu: yabbabbabbaa!! Hearing yuvar sundaravaaaada marks, shy is coming for me also!

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