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Conductor-speak on a BTS bus, Rrayyaa! is 'Right!!'. A typically Kannadiga slant to a word that simply implies 'okay, lets go!', signalling the driver to pull out of a bus stop once all the passengers have climbed on.

Listen closely to a Rrayyaa!. If it comes out like a war-cry, then you’ve just felt the frustrations of a man trying to earn his bread in middle-class India. There might be a personal proving of a point somewhere in there too...a show of authority where he would like to have some, but sadly, has none: over the driver, maybe, or the more affluent passengers. Over his own emotions, or the government, most definitely his wife... Some rrayyaa!!s come out really surly. Some, just lame. Many, thangod, are cheeky & full of humour-sense.

Whatever undercurrents you sense, give the sayer a wide grin, my dear samosapedians! What better reason than that he gave us this nonsense word to publish!


Conductor: aaaaa Rrayyaa!!
Passenger: ayyo, iri saar! My would-be's saree pallu is stuck in the door!
Conductor: aaaaa Stopppaa!!!
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