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Schools didn't have lockers, so little children would have to carry a ton of textbooks, as well as "rough notebooks" for each subject, along with a corresponding fair notebook.

The day's hastily scribbled notes, dictated by the cher in a droning monotone, would have to be transcribed at home into the fair notebook.

Failure to achieve this task punctually and neatly would result in the use of the ruler.


"Open your textbooks to page 15. Open your rough notebooks. Write today's date in the margin. Now write the following: The annual arecanut harvest of Shimoga district is 149,000 tons. The. Annual. Arecanut harvest."
"Miss slow miss!"
"Arecanut. Harvest. Of Shimoga district."
"Silence! Shimoga district. Is."

If we'd had access to shotguns, Pearljam's song would have been called 'Jayarajan' not 'Jeremy'.

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