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She might be your neighbor or just a random woman in her early forties and about to hit a menopause.Reshma Aunties wear sleeveless blouses and have dark underarms.She is little overweight but you wont call her so because she rules the exotic regions of your fantasy land.Slightest glimpse of her polka dotted sleeveless blouse makes you think about the enormous twin hemispheres it supports with the help of two delicate brass hooks.

You wish to live and flourish on her bombastic posterior.You keep an eye on her cha-bra drying on the grills of her veranda.You always think her husband never satiates her carnal cravings and god chose you for the same.Then what you are waiting for? Knock on her door ask for some tea powder, tell her you like her curtains and build a four lane highway to her bedroom.

Now come back to normality, kill your thoughts and think of a flying baby elephant.


You: errr hallo,I am your neighbor.
Reshma Aunty:Gives a blank look.
You:I want some tea powder.
*you give a nervous smile
Reshma aunty: we drink coffee only,sorry
reshma aunty:ok
*door slams on your precarious pile of thoughts.You think of flying baby elephants and retire to your base.
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