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a phrase used for cross-checking credibility or probing of information (esp gossip)
Implies is it for real? or is it true? or I want to know more.


Shopper: How much is this Gucci bag for?
Shop-kepeer: Only rs 2000
Shopper: Really?
Shop-keeper: haan ji. Only for you madam

Girl 1: Do you know Shireen is getting married?
Girl 2: Really?
Girl 1: yaa...she is having an arranged marriage.Doesn't believed in all this luv shuv.She is getting married to my brother's best friend Aakash.
Girl 2: Really????
Girl 1: ya..why are you asking?
Girl 2: Cause Aakash was engaged to my friend last year.

Added 2011-11-14 by Behenjigaga