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Ramdev Baba

\raam-dev baa baa (black sheep types)\
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Epitome of modern yoga in India, he owns an Ayurvedic company, claims to have found the cure to homosexuality, was the second to (copy and) initiate the anti-corruption movement in 2011 (for which he was bashed up inside the walled city) and has made other claims to cure AIDS and Cancer (which, it is believed, he proclaimed after his intestine-churning-yoga-routine went wrong resulting in positional exchange between the brain and small intestine).

Middle-aged Indian men and women alike are in awe of him resulting in an eerie morning session on Aastha channel which has, till now, claimed 23 lives of innocent children who were getting ready for iskool.


Gay boy 1 - I'm afraid to tell my mummy about my sexuality ya! Can't tell her that I'm a gay. She will die on the spot of heartfail.

Gay boy 2 - 100% right ya! My mummy will send me to Baba Ramdev.

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