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Neologism coined to describe the state of space, time and mind in which Rajinikant's movie alter-ego exists - where the sublimely ridiculous meets the ridiculously sublime and even Ghajini remembers Rajini

In this universe, Rajini is a tiger-nado-quake as Slate magazine ( so amusingly describes -
"If a tiger had sex with a tornado and then their tiger-nado baby got married to an earthquake, their offspring would be Rajinikanth."


In Rajiniverse...
1. Rajini destroyed the Periodic table since he only recognizes the Element of Surprise...
2. He can strangle you with a cordless phone!
3. Rajini went to Kindergarten in 7 different places – these are known as IITs today
4. The Rajini tax – what the Govt. pays Rajini to stay and earn in India
5. Rajini gets so mad sometimes that sun hides behind the moon. This is called an Eclipse
6. One day Rajini decided that he would share a tiny bit of his knowledge with the world – so Google was born
7. If Rajini was born in the 1850s, the British would have fought for independence...from Britain
8. An email was sent from Mysore to Bangalore, Rajini stopped it in Mandya
9. Rajini decided to play truant from school one day – we all call this Sunday
10. Rajini, as a kid, was known for his kindergarten arts & crafts projects – we call these the 7 wonders today
11. Rajini was initially offered the lead role in “Mission Impossible”, he naturally refused it finding the title incomprehensible
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