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A snack you will find being hawked all over the place at every corner of the state of Poshchim-Bongo. It is a small, crispy ball of flour with tangy, spiced water in it along with mashed potatoes, tamarind, chopped green chilies, a bunch of other delicious kitchen ingredients and (if you ask the vendor nicely) a dash of sweet chutney. After you have eaten one full plate, it is your duty to ask for an extra one.

This item is NOT to be confused with the golguppa of Punjab-Haryana, the phulki of Uttar Pradesh or the paani-puri of Maharashtra. This is not simply a snack. It is a way of life for a Bengali. It is poetry. It is romance. It is sensuality. It is pure, raw, unbridled lust.

Bengali women gush like teenagers while writing eloquent pieces about how phuchka is a work of art in their blogs (and on Samosapedia), the Bengali man's favorite fantasy is sharing a tangy, naughty plate with his woman while getting drenched in the rain. The Bengali kid will steal a tenner from Bapi's wallet to indulge in this sin. Even the high-society Park Street type Bengali aunty can't resist the temptation once in a while.

Phuchka is sacred. Always remember that.


Phuchka phuchka korchhe mon.

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West Bengal


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