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Petti Shop

\pet-tee shop.\
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Wooden shops found all over India especially closer to the railway tayshuns and bush-tands and check-posts.
The shacks where every conceivable need of every conceivable character can be satisfied within a bustling but short strip mall.

If there is a thing that you can't find in a petti-shop strip mall, I will give you in writing that such a thing never exists.
In fact, what you may fail to source from within town, you can be certain to source from a petti-shop:
-A thing relating to any vice. bench vice, carpenter's vice, C-clamp vice etc. and their spares and more.
-Leafy greens and grass for the cows.
-Pot related items and Pans.
-Cards; postal, greeting.
-Cool Drinks like sugar cane juice, cow's milk. buttermilk.
-Hot Drinks like coffee, tea
-Literature like Pitcher books, foreign films, and sometimes much sought after desi films too.
-Automobile spares like Stephnys
-Games and sports opportunities mostly involving numbers.
-Native medicines to cure symptoms and conditions acquired from all the above said facilities.

Also, there are stuff and services unique only to petti-shops or thereabouts: 'ear cleaning', Knife sharpening, cheap astrologers and exorcists, twenty four hour tender-coconuts, Air, blow and jobs of other kinds, expired medicines, Kaddi Pudi and Leaf tobacco, Kerosene and adulterated Petrol, Old dated Stamp Paper etc.

Petti= pettige= box, trunk, case.


Son: Appa, I searched the entire city and no one had a 6" bolt.
Dad: Bekufaa, You sure did not go to the railway stayshun and try Budaan Saabi's petti-shop!
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