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Alternative cinema made in India.
Very in vogue in the 50s to the 80s which was loved by the jholawalas and was promoted and financed mostly by the grants of the Indian Government.
Conceived as a cultural counter weight to the mind numbing and 'put your brain in a drawer before going to the cinemas' kind of movies loved by the Indian junta by the minders of those times.
Gave Indian cinema some great actors who later on went on to gain commercial success.
The movement had its 15 minutes but was no match to the pelvic thrust of the heroes and the gyrating heroines many of whom went on to become national icons and people to look up to just because they have acted in over 9000 movies.
By the late 80s the junta demanded movies which had rape scenes, item numbers and such. Thus parallel cinema died being unwanted by the great Indian middle class.


Tenzing - Dude, that Metallica concert fiasco in Gurgaon was so frooti! DNA networks should be killed!

Paneerselvam - I found it so hilarious, an American band, with an average age of 48 with their best years well behind them apparently representing the angst of the youth of this nation which still can't find a single legit Icon of their own generation. That concert deserved to die like parallel cinema died in the 80s only.

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