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Literally means a "pehelwan", a wrestler, a muscle-man, a strong man. A mocking way of referring to one's friend(s)/ younger ones/ peers. The recipient, should he be aware of the word and the connotations thereof, needs to expect and be prepared for ridicule: mostly used in the context of when the said recipient has exaggerated/ is seeking to exaggerate his abilities but has fallen flat on his face/ is evident that he will fall flat on his face.


Jahangir: Woh Saleem Pheku kya baatan karta bhai - Dubai ki flight me airhostessan uspe line maare the kate!
Saleem suddenly enters: Kya bolra re Jahangir tu!
Jahangir: Arre kuch bhi nahi pailan. Aao baitho, cha piyo...

(Jahangir: That Saleem and his tall tales. He was saying that the airhostesses were flirting with him on the flight to Dubai.
Saleem suddenly enters: What are you saying man?
Jahangir: Arre, nothing oh-exalted-friend. Come sit and have tea.)

Jahangir: Parsun wahan pe ladai hui kate. Accha hua mein nai tha, qile ku gaya tha bhai. Nahi to mere haath se ek do half-muderan ho jaate the.
Saleem: Jaan-do pailan. Pichle bar ladai ku bulaye to dum dabake side se nikal gaye tum.
(Jahangir: I heard that there occured a violent scuffle the other day at that place. Glad I was at the Golconda at that time, else I would have committed one-two culpable homicides.
Saleem: Take it light boss. Last time I called you for a fight you ran the other way with your tail between your legs)

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